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21 Best Restaurants To Visit In Nairobi

Make your visit to Nairobi worthwhile

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Jan 17, 2022, 12:15 PM

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The one thing you will always need wherever you go is food. And knowing where to get food can be the difference between having a good or bad travelling experience.

Whilst we always yearn to find our local food in other countries, travelling gives us an opportunity to explore food from other countries. For example, if you travel to Kenya, you will find a booming food culture.

You will find restaurants of all categories around Nairobi with menus that have something you will enjoy. More than just the food, the ambience, service, and overall experience will make every coin you spend worthwhile.

You don't have to struggle to find these restaurants. We have done the homework for you. So whenever you are in Nairobi, make it a point to visit some of its best restaurants. Here are 21 top restaurants you should go to when you are in Nairobi.  

Talisman Restaurant

Talisman is one of the best restaurants when it comes to international cuisines. It is located along Ngong Road in Karen. You will be served fresh, organic food.

Talisman menu is diverse with diners raving about their feta & coriander samosas, just one of the many delicious meals you'll find.  The variety of drinks, quality of service and the ambience are things you should look forward to.
If you love dining in nature, you can get that at Talisman restaurant. It makes for a good garden restaurant. The environment has been particularly crafted to make diners feel relaxed. The surrounding trees and the greenery gives it a calm look whilst making the place vibrant.
You can bring your children when you go to Talisman. It is a child-friendly restaurant with activities they'll enjoy like art.

For everything Talisman offers, it is a pocket-friendly restaurant. The price ranges between Ksh 1500 to 3000.

About Thyme Restaurant

About Thyme is a restaurant in Westlands. It offers a garden dining experience with the eating area surrounded by trees which gives it a relaxing atmosphere. You’ll have an option of indoor sitting as well as outdoor sitting.

The menu listing covers a wide range of international cuisines. For example, if you love salads, you have the option of a rainbow buddha bowl with Tahini dressing or the chicken dopiaza or paprika & lemon chicken breast. Check the full menu listing here
About Thyme is also an ideal place to go for a date in Nairobi. With its candlelit hanging lamps and the surrounding greenery, the setting is perfect for a romantic night out.  

Tambourin Restaurant

The Tambourin restaurant in Westlands Nairobi is where you go if you are looking for a rooftop dining experience. Tambourin specialises in middle Eastern, Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisines. 

The layout of the Tambourin restaurant carries an Arabian theme with its interior decor which has neat patterns. Diners love the music and belly dancing at the restaurants. Don't we love to have food along with some entertainment?

For all that, you only need to part with Ksh 2000 and 3500. The experience you get here is well worth the money.

Zen Garden

If you are looking to eat some Asian food in Nairobi, head over to Zen Garden. It is one of the highly-rated Chinese restaurants in Nairobi. You'll find two other restaurants, Bamboo and Jade.
Jade is all about breakfast. Find your bakes and pastries here along with a cup of your favourite coffee. The cake menu includes pinacolada, red velvet, chocolate torte and zen signature cake which is vanilla sponge with vanilla cream.
At the Bamboo restaurant, you'll get an array of Thai, Japanese and Chinese food. If you have a special occasion to celebrate, reserve a private dining table. You can also go to the Zen Garden for an intimate and memorable family gathering or just to have a chilled day out.   

Mawimbi Seafood

Just like its name suggests, Mawimbi Seafood is all about the taste of the sea. It is one of the best seafood and fish restaurants in Nairobi. It is in the CBD, at Kijabe Street. You can walk in between your workday. 

Expect a dynamic menu of seafood. Up to five different types of sushi rolls. Take a bite of prawns, salmon, tuna, kingfish and octopus or consider their signature dishes.

Obviously, drinks are available with some cocktails you will enjoy. The price range here is Ksh 1,100 to 3,450.

Boho Eatery

Boho Eatery is a restaurant in Karen. It specialises in vegan and vegetarian food. Nature is at the heart of Boho Eatery and its decor expresses this. So if you are someone who loves dining in nature, consider this a garden restaurant that you should try. 

If you are vegan or vegetarian or you are interested in trying out these kinds of foods, then you know where to go when you visit Nairobi.
Boho’s menu is widely plant-based. Broccoli, sprouts, roasted sweet potato, avo, pomegranates, black rice and spicy peanut dressing are some of the foods Boho serves. 

This restaurant is affordable. You will not break the bank here so if your tastebuds are salivating for anything vegan, then make your way to Boho Eatery.

The Carnivore

You'll hear meat lovers rave about The Carnivore and for good reason. If you want to go wild on meat, The Carnivore, in Lang'ata is where you need to go. It's one of the best nyama choma joints in Nairobi. 

The Carnivore serves different types of meat. Find crocodiles, ostrich, pork, lamb, and more. Additionally, you will love the entertainment gigs available at The Carnivore. There's always something going down there.  

Open House

Fancy some Indian cuisine while visiting Nairobi? The Open House in Karen is one of the Indian restaurants in Nairobi you should dine at. The menu consists of chicken, lamb, fish & prawns, Indian bread amongst other foods. All foods at The Open House are locally sourced. 

La Terrazza

For a taste of Italian food in Nairobi, find your way to the La Terrazza restaurant along Ngong Road at the Greenhouse mall. As you will expect, the menu includes Lasagna, pasta, up to 13 different flavours of pizza and ravioli and a variety of wines sourced from Italy. Their foods with genuine Italian recipes.

Dining at La Terrazza is not just about the food. There is an art gallery as well as an open rooftop experience for a view of the Kilimani area. The combination of all these features makes La Terrazza a great option if you are planning something romantic.

360 Degrees Artisan Pizza

What's better than pizza and wine? 360 Degrees are known for just that. If you are a pizza lover, this is where you can eat some of the best pizzas in Nairobi. This restaurant goes by the name 360 which is basically the temperature at which they make their pizza. 

The pizza menu consists of the usual flavours but you can also try something new. How about their prosciutto arugula that consists of red onions, arugula, Grana Padano and mozzarella? Also, find other dishes like pasta - it’s just as Italian as they can get - salads and meat. 

The River Café

The other place you should visit after these restaurants that we recommend is the Karura Forest. It's a beauty. When you are there, make it a point to check out River Cafe, an outdoor restaurant at Karura. Enjoy the view of the forest, hear the birds chirping as you eat some of their continental selection of breakfast, lunch, beverages, cocktails, mocktails, smoothies and whatever pleases your taste buds.

Hemingways Brasserie

What's more romantic than candlelit dining, a backdrop of the Ngong hills plus a golden sunset. This is what you get when you go to Hemingways. It's undoubtedly an upscale restaurant. You are guaranteed to get comfort and luxury here. 

If you are looking for world-class dining, Hemingways is the place to go to in Nairobi. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are part of their brasserie menu. They serve European, International and South Asia cuisine. 

The bar and wine cellar is a must-try. Find a combination of vintage and modern drinks. 

For any special occasion that you have, Hemingways will handle that for you. You’ll get a buffet, cocktails and canapes customised just for you.

Tin Roof Café

Grab breakfast at the Tin Roof Café, another restaurant in Karen. If coffee is what makes your morning, or a smoothie, tea and a pastry, pass by Tin Roof to start your morning. Lunch is also served here with some tasty burgers, sandwiches, pizza and more.
It is also a child-friendly restaurant with activities that kids can take part in like pottery and painting classes. Plus, they offer a kid’s meal menu. This is another outdoor restaurant to include in your list. 

Kilimanjaro Jamia

On that day that you don't feel like going all out on your breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can visit a restaurant like Kilimanjaro Jamia. It is one of the most affordable restaurants in Nairobi. At 3,500 Naira, you have a variety of African foods to choose from. White pilau with gravy or a plate of biryani chicken amongst other dishes. 

This is a Somali themed restaurant so expect to see some of the decorations that reflect just that. Also, part of the menu is catered to Somali dishes so if you fancy some of those, go ahead and try. You can choose to sit outside the balcony or inside.

Fnky Burger

For those days that you just want to have something fun and on the go, burgers are here for that. One of the best places to do just that is at Fnky Burger by Sierra. Fnky burgers have three locations across the city - Yaya Centre, Victoria Courts on Mombasa Road and College House in the Central Business District.

The burgers are budget-friendly. For less than 3600 naira, you can enjoy any of the burgers here. Plus, you get some wine and cocktails. How lovely? 

Mama Rocks

Another burger joint that you should sample in Nairobi is Mama Rocks. The tons of praise they’ve received is well-worth the consideration. You'll find the usual additions but the taste is distinct and leaves you craving for more. 

You can get the T.I.A, a pan African burger, djubalicious which is a vegetarian type and carries Sudanese inspired mayonnaise. Find souq it to me and Nollywood Suya Saga. A milkshake and a cold drink is also an option. The potato fries are a must.

Mercado Restaurant 

Mercado restaurant in Westlands is all about South American cuisine. It's one of the best Mexican restaurants in the capital and will satisfy your cravings for everything South American. And whose cooking at Mercado's kitchen? Mexican chefs and they are making all that South American sweetness.

There is tacos, burritos, quesadilla, fried tamales, taquitos and tortilla soup plus a host of other dishes. The ambience inspires a South American feel. 

INTI - A Nikkei Experience
INTI - A Nikkei Experience is all about fine dining. The look and feel of this restaurant is simply breathe taking. You will get an expansive view of Nairobi, is a very good option for a date plus you will get served with some exquisite food. If you want some fine dining experience and not so much worried about the cheque, you will love to be at INTI - A Nikkei Experience. 

Its menu is a combination of Japanese and Peruvian dishes. Get the ceviche, sushi, tempura and spring rolls, marinated skewers on a charcoal grill and many more. If you have special dietary recommendations, Nikkei takes care of that - options of vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, spicy and nuts are available.
The drinks menu is generous. Peruvian classic cocktails, Japanese signature cocktails and wines from around the world. Get red wines from France, Italy, Chile, Spain, Argentina, Australia to New Zealand. White wine also comes from similar regions. Nikkei offers a wide range of drinks. Anything you ever wanted to have is here. 

Honey & Dough
Honey & Dough has been dubbed as the most instagrammable restaurant in Nairobi. Yes, when you go, take one for "the gram". Anyway, for all your breakfast needs whilst in town, you need to try Honey & Dough at One Africa Place in Westlands. Away from that, you can also have other foods like smoothie bowls, burgers and everything that'll help you run your day. The prices are pocket-friendly. See the 


Misono restaurant at the Greenhouse mall along Ngong road brings a taste of Japanese food to Nairobi. Expect the traditional Japanese bow when you go in. The restaurant is spacious with some interesting art pieces around. The outdoors activity doesn’t interrupt your dining experience.
You cannot go into a Japanese restaurant and not have some sushi. Along with that, I had some salmon, gyoza, sushi and tuna rolls, miso soup, rice and chicken teriyaki. The texture - moist, crunchy and soft - together with the flavours blended in ever so well. The aroma was also inviting. The service was swift.   

The Lord Erroll

The Lord Erroll prides itself in being the premier French restaurant not only in Nairobi but also in East Africa. It's located in Runda. The Lord Erroll serves international cuisines. You have the option to dine inside their elegant rooms or outdoors with the beautifully treated surrounding and with the garden overlooking. 

The decor at Lord Erroll gives off a historical vibe yet still manages to be modern and vibrant. No wonder The Lord Erroll has attracted glowing reviews for its dynamic customer service, environment and menu.   

Notable Mentions

Five other restaurants in Nairobi that you can visit include: 
  1. Furusato for Japanese food 
  2. Shamba Cafe 
  3. The Mayura Experience 
  4. Mambo Italia for everything Italian. 
  5. Wasps & Sprouts 

Well, if you have made it this far, we hope that you have found at least one restaurant that you are excited to go to when you visit Nairobi. What else can spice up your travels more than a warm, nicely made plate of food?