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He's Not Yours Alone

Dating just got a whole lot complicated

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Jan 10, 2022, 07:25 AM

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Ever wondered if the guy you are dating is seeing someone else? Well, after all the sweet lines he's thrown at you and the promises he's made, you have no reason to doubt that he's yours and yours alone. If you have lived in Nairobi, then that line of thinking might change.

So what are we talking about here?

Dating in Nairobi or anywhere in the world isn't smooth sailing. There's a good number in the dating scene is as interested in the contents of your wallet as they are in getting under your panties. What will no one tell you about being single in Nairobi?

Shifting Goalposts

It’s great that you are a grown, accomplished woman who knows exactly what she wants. Men in the Nairobi dating scene are very much like the Nairobi weather- undecided. You will meet a man who will tell you, without batting an eyelid, that he likes natural women, you will take this to mean that he likes your body just the way it is, that you should go easy on the make-up but the next time you meet him, -  
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