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Stop Being Sorry All The Time

You are human, and not a machine

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Feb 22, 2021, 03:31 PM

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We all do it and the word 'sorry' is the one we always go for when we feel we've spoken out of turn or done something wrong and we trying to put things back together. It's ok to apologize, but c'mon you can't do it all the time. No one is perfect in this world.
Here are things you need to stop apologizing for.

Not Having It Together All The Time

Easter is just a month away. It’s almost time to see some of those aunties and uncles you have not seen in a while. You are probably bracing yourself for those questions about why Freddie hasn’t proposed to you yet or why you do not live in a better part of the city.

Resist the urge to apologize because Freddie turned out to be a cheat or a deadbeat with a whole bunch of kids running around. That’s on him, not you. So what if you don’t have the funds right now? Or the house or the job? No one has their lives figured out.
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