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When He Has Too Many Female Friends

Is it time to set the boundaries?

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Jul 29, 2021, 03:57 PM

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Have you ever met some ladies who say most of their friends are male because they feel they get along with them better than their female counterparts? Can we blame them? But what if the guys they are friends with also have their own girlfriends? Where do we draw the line?

Some might actually get to like and accept you, but it could be a different story with the other ladies. One could even hate you to the extent that she wishes bad things to befall you. Is it because she thinks you are a threat to her relationship? What's the problem? Here's how a friend of mine does not get along with her male neighbor's girlfriend, with who she's friends. 

I have always been kind to that woman, throwing some hellos and his her way, but she hardly replies. Sometimes I see her lips move, but no sound escapes her mouth. Her stares scare the life out of me. You’d think I killed her family and burned her village down. She is iceberg cold.

Her boyfriend is not the normal Kevo you know. This one was born with humility, honesty, and kindness by his side. He was also born with something that shocked the doctors. The lump on his neck was said to contain high levels of gentleness and love. “This one can never be a womanizer.” one of the doctors said. You’d think her girlfriend trusts him but she and insecure are joined at the hip.
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