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You Are Worth More Than You Think

And no one should tell you otherwise

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Feb 19, 2021, 02:22 PM

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You are wondering how many letters you probably going to receive this year. We're not here to bombard you with boring stuff, we want to talk about men and relationships and the truth is no one is experienced in that area. We also want to hear from you what your experience has been like. 

Had someone pointed out these things earlier in life, perhaps things could be different. Not to worry, it's never too late to turn a new leaf and here's why. 

You Are Enough

Some relationships will make you question your worth. You will give your all, but it won’t be enough. You will make water from scratch, starve for their love to eat, but still, it won’t be enough. This will tear you apart. You will feel inadequate. You will want to do more, give more, fix things and save the situation, but they’ll walk away.

Endings are painful. When this happens, don’t blame yourself. You did everything you could to keep things going. Don’t think you were the problem. Sometimes people’s decisions have everything to do with them and nothing to do with you. You trusted someone with your heart, body and soul, but they were careless with you.

You are enough. You are beautiful. You are strong. Don’t walk with your head bent down because someone walked away. A man’s inability to love you doesn’t make you less of a woman. You are worth more.