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6 Signs You're Giving Him Too Much Power

Check yourself before you wreck yourself

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Mar 15, 2021, 04:51 PM

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Are your giving BAE too many privileges? You might want to check yourself before you wreck your relationship, and give away that all-important power.

We get it, you're in love and he's great. He might even be the one, but how can you make sure you don't lose sight of yourself when throwing yourself into a new relationship?

You're Not A Nanny

Cleaning up after them is not a problem, especially if you’re living together and the chores are shared, however, there’s a line to be drawn. If you find yourself cleaning everything: house, utensils, and clothes you probably have to reevaluate whether you’re a partner or a nanny. 

It is also important to ask yourself if they were wallowing in filth before you met them, if not then it's time to move on sis, you're being taken advantage of. 

You're Not A Loaner

If you find yourself in positions where your partner is constantly asking you for money without refunding, you should probably stop. I mean there are situations when it's allowed, but at some point, it gets frustrating, especially if it's money for stupid reasons. It’s even worse if you find yourself borrowing money from friends or family in order to constantly help out.

You're Not Done Yet

You shouldn’t find yourself hesitating to take up great opportunities such as a job in a foreign country or a very involving college course that would take up much of your time.

If they genuinely want you, a little distance shouldn’t change anything especially if it’s a good opportunity for you. 

You're Not A Decorator

You have no business trying to make anyone's house look homely except your own, so stop reorganizing the furniture or buying curtains, paintings, and indoor plants. Remember it's their house and not yours, so stop trying to put your personal touch on their space but instead wait until the two of you have your own home to implement your creative decor ideas.

You're Not Yes-girl

It is important to remember to stick up for yourself and always make it respectfully known how you feel even if it upsets somebody else. It's not your job to make somebody else happy. The truth is if you keep agreeing with somebody just to keep them happy it's a recipe for disaster.

You're Not Right (all the time)

Don't change your own standards to fit in with theirs. Nobody gets their own way all of the time and compromise is so important in a relationship.

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