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It Was Almost The Perfect Date

But men get it wrong sometimes

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Aug 11, 2021, 10:30 AM

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Has your boyfriend ever planned for a perfect getaway for the two of you over a weekend? Did you enjoy it? Did everything go according to plan or as you expected it to go? It's the best thing to experience whenever your boyfriend does something nice for you. But what does he really mean when he asks you out of town for the weekend.  

A friend of mine narrates how the supposed to be 'perfect weekend together' went absolutely wrong. Her boyfriend had planned everything from the flights to the accommodation to the activities they were going to partake in whilst away. Everything was going according to plan until they got to the hotel and she realized that he had booked just one room for both of them and she hit the roof. How could he do that? Why did he assume she was going to sleep with him without him asking her first? Did he think she was a whore?

They had a huge fight which ended in her getting a cab back to the airport and him staying an entire weekend alone in a beachfront hotel. Now he is back home, single, and starting to service a loan he can’t even afford.

Here's what you can expect:  

Go Easy On The Titles

The expectation of sex is one thing but his being in a relationship with you is a different thing. In asking you to go away with him, he didn’t ask you to make your relationship official or exclusive. That is a whole other conversation. 

Don’t start posting photographs on social media tagging your bae if you are not sure. You don’t want to have a ruined weekend when his actual bae slides into your DM claiming her man. Know exactly where the two of you stand beforehand. Normalize the ‘what are we?’ conversation. It will save you lots of heartbreak.
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