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5 Habits Your Man Hates

We can never decide what to eat

BY Patience Emine

Apr 28, 2021, 02:49 PM

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Women surprise me. You’d think being a woman has helped me understand other women better but it hasn’t. When men say we are complicated, I understand where they come from because we can be a pain in the neck.

There are times when we are petty and dramatic for no reason at all. Get insecure, overreact in certain situations and end up sending long paragraphs to the guy we're seeing. Or even beating other women who seem like a threat to our relationship. Some of the things we do, just kill me and men don't like this either. Here are a number of them.

We Are Indecisive 

I love outdoor activities, like going out for dates and such. But ask me which restaurant I’d love to go to, I’ll start sweating, get a headache or a seizure, then probably take 6 months to give you an answer. And even when we get there, I’ll take another hour to decide what I want to eat unless the waiter suggests their special meal for the day. I don’t love being in these weird situations, cause the waiter will tell me to enjoy my meal and I’ll tell him you too. 

Guys, it’s hard for us to make these decisions. When we order something and still eat your food, that doesn’t mean we are greedy. It’s just that your food looks yummier and it could be better if we ordered what you are taking.
This indecisiveness also affects the way we think and talk. Our stories go round and round before we say what we want to stay. We will bring all the irrelevant details in the story or start with something like it all started in 1978 when… Sandra where were you in 1978?

We Never Want To See Men Happy 

When God created a woman, he gave her a face to wear when her man comes home late from hanging out with the boys. And let me tell you, it’s not a beautiful face. It’s like something a 2-year-old would draw with their left hand. Something ugly. Even if we know that Martin was playing FIFA with his friends, we will still be mad. Why did he have to play FIFA? Doesn’t he see that we need to spend time together?

Men never have a problem with us going out with the girls, but when it’s their turn, it’s like they have committed murder. Talk about double standards. 

We Turn Compliments Into Arguments 

I love the way we turn simple things into big arguments. When they said men are from Mars and women are from Venus, they didn’t lie. When a man says this, we usually hear the exact opposite. Like a guy will tell you, 'babe you look beautiful today' and she’ll respond by saying, 'so the other days I don’t look beautiful'. And the guy will try explaining what he meant and in between the lady will ask, 'Mark are you are trying to say I’m fat?' I know we can be a handful but where would the fun be without this drama?

We Never Forget 

The holy book says when God forgives, he casts our sins into the deepest sea, but I think when women forgive, they archive the wrongs in a handbag. This explains why we walk around with big handbags. A man will let things slip for the sake of peace and happiness, but a woman will remind you of something you said in March 2012 and quote you word for word. She’ll even remember what you were wearing that day or what you had taken for dinner. 

We Take Too Long To Prepare 

I can’t imagine how guys feel when we get late for dates. I think some years back, girls took a shorter time to dress up. Nowadays, there are eyelashes to stick. Concealer and foundation to use. Then I hear you have to contour your face, highlight it and then spray it. It’s just a lot.

And women are never on time. When you are supposed to meet them, that’s when they are taking a shower. Like the other day my friend kept me waiting, I had to go to her place to find out what took her long. When I got there, she was still looking for a dress to wear, and everything she did just pissed me off. Like do you need to apply Vaseline on your elbows? And the shoes, I don’t think you'll lose your feet if you walk barefoot. Ladies, why are you like this?

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