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Your Sister Is Your Best Friend

No one has your back like her

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Jul 30, 2021, 11:30 AM

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Do you have any sisters or you are an only child? My friend was born in a family of girls only so she knows quite a lot about sisterhood. However, she's had to make and lose a few friends along the way because that relationship is actually mostly high maintenance but always totally worth it, so she says.

Here’s the thing about girls, most of the things the world says about us are true. We hate to admit it - especially when these elements of our nature are weaponized by men and used to pin us against one another - but we are all truly capable of fitting into the typical, society-created mold of a girl.

We know how to gossip, how to pull each other down, how to sabotage each other’s relationships, careers, and anything in between! We know how to do all that but what nobody ever seems to focus on is just how amazing we are at being the opposite of all that… at displaying true sisterhood in every sense of the word.
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