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13 Ways To Survive 2021

Because it's already been a flex

BY Pauline Katethya

Mar 31, 2021, 05:07 PM

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Things not going according to plan? You and the rest of the world sis, but it's not all bad. If the last 12 months have shown us anything it's that when it comes to battles a good attitude is half the battle.

Life doesn’t always turn out the way you expect and bad things happen to you even when you have a shield on. Most times, we think we are in control of our jobs or our loved ones until things slip through our fingers and we realize we were never in control. We are never in control. It made us realize that as bad as things are, they can always get worse. 

But, when the chips are down remember not everything is lost!

Life Is Funny

I never knew there’d come a point in life where people would go crazy over toilet paper. It seemed like the most important thing in life. People forgot about bananas and avocados and chicken and focused on toilet paper.

The Important Thing In Life Is Life Itself

We tend to shift our attention, focus on the wrong things and take life for granted. We assume waking up is something ordinary. Typical. Guaranteed. We think breathing is normal. But it isn’t. Tomorrow isn’t promised and neither is good health. We are only one diagnosis away from a life-threatening illness. Breathing, being present, being here is everything.

Learn To Be Happy No Matter What

Happiness is not the absence of chaos but learning how to live with the chaos. How to get it under control. Learning how to live with the gaping holes in our hearts because happiness is not a level you reach. You just live it.

Love Deeply, Hold Lightly

I think it’s the attachment that hurts most in relationships. Not love. When we love people, we want to own them. We want to possess them. We want to cling on to them and breathe them like air. We want to put them in a cage, so they don’t leave. We make them live life on our own terms. You can’t own love or the person you love. Love is when you love them into freedom and give them the space to be themselves. This is where the roots of love lie.

People Will Judge You. Let Them

You don’t stab them or call them a jerk. Sometime back, someone accused me of spiking their drink. Imagine. I was moving a table and his drink happened to be there, and he swore he saw me putting something in it. He even said his drink looked different and had more bubbles. Wrong.

Life Is Now

There are so many beautiful moments I missed because my mind was already living the following day, overthinking situations and creating a million scenarios in my head. I’ve come to learn that it’s good to slow down. To breathe and make every moment worthwhile.

Go With The Flow

Don’t fight the waves when they come, because they always do. Instead, flow with them and allow them to go right through you. The beauty in life lies in embracing uncertainty. Learning to be vulnerable to live fully, but tough enough to survive it all.

We Never Know People 

Don’t judge a book by its cover or dismiss someone because their breath smells. You might assume they are dirty people, but you will be surprised by how clean they are, and maybe their breath smells because of a bad case of halitosis. The problem comes in when you have to kiss them.

Check Up Regularly On Your People

When people are going through a lot, they withdraw from people. Sometimes they might not, and may appear to look okay while deep down they are drowning. Someone said a person who is drowning doesn’t look like they’re drowning. When you’re drowning you can’t call for help, you can’t wave your arms, you just sink. Your family can be standing on the beach waving cheerfully to you, completely unaware that you’re dying.

Checking up on someone is like helping them open a window in their lives. And when the window is open, sun floods the room, love and so much more.

Save Money For The Rainy Days

People lost their jobs. Relationships changed because people couldn’t provide what they were used to providing. There’s never security in employment. One day you wake up, and you don’t have your job and the title that defined you. And then what? Life can go downhill from here. Because where do you start, especially in the middle of a freaking pandemic?

The Point Of Life Is Progress

We put so much pressure on ourselves and put timelines and deadlines to everything and live life like it’s a destination to get to. Like we need to be married and have children at this age because, you know, the biological clock is ticking and no one would want us at 30 or so we think. But the important lesson is the progress and the lessons learned along the way.

Sometimes Things Are Not What They Seem To Be

I met this beautiful lady somewhere and before the night ended she kissed me. Things were moving pretty fast and I couldn’t tell her to slow down. I thought she liked me and that’s why she rubbed her hand on me over and over again. Accompanied me to the washroom and looked me in the eyes when we talked. Turns out it was nothing serious. Her boyfriend was there the whole time and one of us was going home with her. And it wasn’t me.

Don’t Reject Yourself 

You are enough. You have what it takes. You are an amazing being. You just need to believe and be confident in yourself.

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