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5 Best Kenyan Natural Hair Products

That will help you achieve your hair goals

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Jan 12, 2022, 09:55 AM

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How amazing would it be if we could just wear our natural hair without all the stress that comes with it? The demands of natural hair are exhausting. You have to adapt a routine after another that'll ensure your hair does not tangle and remains well-nourished and healthy.
If you are already on the natural hair journey, then we hope that this article will help you find a product that works for your hair. These Kenyan made natural hair products are tailored for black hair. They serve different needs - locking in moisture, strengthening your hair, restoring your hair amongst other needs. 

If you are a natural hair enthusiast, no longer do you have to settle for the next best product because the primary item you are looking for doesn't exist. 

Here are five Kenyan natural hair products that will change the way you do your natural hair forever.

Mosara Kenya

Mosara Kenya uses ingredients sourced from nature which only means that their products are 100% natural. All-natural hair care is the approach the company uses. Products from Mosara will address your natural hair problems particularly restoring your hair, making it strong and providing the suitable nutrients for your hair to grow.
The products include hydrating butter, deep treatment, moisture milk, shampoos, coconut oil,  and a leave-in conditioner. Their shampoos are amongst the sulphate free shampoos you'll find in Kenya. 

Marini Naturals 

Michelle Ntalami is the Founder and CEO of Marini Naturals, a company she started in 2013.  She realised that there were few Kenyan hair products for natural hair after she went natural. This was her opportunity to change how people handled natural hair. 

Alongside her friend Niyati Patel, they started Marini Naturals. Marini is the Swahili word for natural beauty thus the company primarily focuses on maintaining the moisture in African hair which Michelle says is the key attribute to ensuring that natural hair thrives.
Marini has products for men, children and women who want natural hair products that can care for their coils, curls and kinkiness and still look dapper while at it.

Marini Naturals has a range of products to suit every need. This arguably makes them the best producers of hair products in the country. Their products include hair cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, stylers as well as pure butter and oils.

Ajani Handmade

The brand’s name is a Swahili word derived from ‘Majani’ which means leaves and ‘Kijani’ which means green. Ajani Handmade's focuses on making natural hair and skincare products. These include hair butter and a range of other products that are oil and water-based.
Ajani Handmade will give your hair an enviable outlook as well as make it easy to style. Get your natural hair nourished and relaxed for the perfect look and feel. The ingredients in the products which are raw, pure and naturally occurring do the magic. The goal is to have refreshing, reviving and rejuvenating natural hair.  

Sheth Naturals

It's only after Dr Gasheri Thuku went natural that she realised the difficulties of finding quality and affordable Kenyan natural hair products. You know what they say, necessity is the mother of invention and certainly, for Dr Gasheri, this is what led to Sheth Naturals.
The brand has two product lines, Sheba and Mzizi. Their products cater for every curl pattern and hair texture. Products include hair creams, moisturizers, treatments, hair oils &  & butter. 


The brand’s name literally translates to ‘Buy Kenyan’. BU.KE was founded in 2017 by Lucy King’ori to find a solution for her son, who was born with Eczema, a skin condition that causes irritation. After much frustration of not getting any products locally, she founded the brand.
BU.KE has two product lines for your natural hair. The purple teal line and the green tea line. The products include shampoo bars, leave in custards and scalp masks. They also offer hair growth stimulating oil which has received outstanding reviews. They are being touted as possibly the best hair growth oil in Kenya. 

If you've been wanting to go natural and been wondering how you'll keep up, then we have listed some of the best natural hair care products from Kenya for you. If you are already wearing natural hair and it's been stressful, well, these products will make it easy for you.