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Keep It Nicely Wrapped

Before that appointment at the salon

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Mar 19, 2021, 05:41 PM

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Looking for those coins in your purse because you need to make an appointment at the salon? We hear you, which is why we're reaching for the headscarves and wrapping it up.

Headwraps are great as they expertly cover up those horrific hair days we’ve all experienced and now, with winter just around the corner, are a great way to keep out the cold that we are all dreading. It’s time to play around with colours, textures and prints!

The Twisted Headband 

If you’re using a square scarf, start by folding it in half diagonally, then begin to roll or fold the scarf starting at the widest side and working your way toward the pointed corners. If you’re using a rectangular scarf, just start folding along the long side. Tie the loose ends under your hair at the nape of your neck and voilà! You can also knot the scarf at the middle after rolling it up to help it stay folded and add a bit more volume up top.
How else can you wrap it up? Find out here.

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