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18 Crochet Hairstyles To Conquer The Day

A touch of fun, style and beauty

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Dec 17, 2021, 08:31 PM

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We love our hair. That's why we always want to have the latest hairstyle installed. We don't comprise either. We go for the best of the best. Even so, some hairstyles never go out of fashion. Think about crochet hairstyles. These are a classic. You can never go wrong with them.

Crochet hairstyles will save you everything. Your time and energy because who wants to summon the comb every other morning? Even money because you can always do it yourself and still look fabulous. Plus, any woman can rock these.

This is exactly why any crochet hairstyle should be your go-to look. There is an endless variation of crochet hairstyles to choose from. Whether you want a short crochet hairstyle, curly crochet, fluffy kinky, long, wild, sleek, some volume, or even crochet braids, it doesn’t matter, that list is more than long for you to find something you adore. 

What Is A Crochet Hairstyle?

Crochet is a technique that has been used since time immemorial to make items such as clothing. It is a French word that means, hook. When it comes to hair, what happens is that synthetic hair is sown on natural hair, usually in cornrows, using a crochet hook.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. This comes complete with crochet hairstyle pictures so you will have an idea of what the hair looks like.

Types Of Crochet Hair

We’ll look at four variables to consider when choosing crochet hair - hairstyle, hair length, colour and hair type. 


If you want to be extra and seem like you make lots and lots of effort with your hair, this is the kind of crochet hair you go for. First, it will give you some volume - that’s what wavy hair does - second, it will also give you bounce and movement which just adds interest to your style, and third, you don’t have to think about styling every other day. This is a style in itself which means easy mornings or preparation.

If these are things you are keen on, then we’ve given you the solution. Honestly, when blended neatly, it gives a natural look.

For women who strive for simplicity, this is a perfect option. They fall neatly from the head to your neck or back - depending on the length. The great thing about straight crotchet hair is that it gives you the leeway to wear different styles. Plus, straight hair suits just about any occasion - office, business dinner or lunch, dates - and any woman.    

Tired of the old boring straight hair? Well, here is curled crochet here to do away with that boredom. This will give you volume like no other variation will. It also has an aesthetic look that makes it visually appealing. Whether going for an up-do, tying your hair back or letting your hair flow, the curls will remain. Look out for the temptation hairstyle. It’s big, loud and with lots of movement. It is certainly bound to make people stop and look. 

Generally, twists are visually interesting. Although they won’t have lots of volume and movement like the curls, it’s still a great way to rock a crochet hairstyle. It can be long or short, but then the thickness of the twist varies. Normally, the pricing is what leads to the variation. Ensure you go for something that suits you. 

Hair Type

The hair type will either be natural or synthetic. Let’s start with natural. We love natural hair types because they have a shiny appearance. It won’t suck out the moisture from your scalp like synthetic hair tends to. Also, this can be styled using a heat press and rollers. It won’t damage the texture of your hair, so don’t worry.

The negative side is that natural crochet hair is more expensive, is not as easy to work with because it is slippery and if you don’t give it proper attention, it will loosen much faster than the synthetic.

Speaking of synthetic, they are more affordable with a wide range to choose from. It’s not slippery and can be held together with hot water dip after you are done with the installation process. Thus, you don’t really have to tie all the ends. They react fairly better with moisture as they stay in place as compared to natural which tends to loosen when exposed to moisture.

Just like natural, synthetic crochet hair also has some disappointing features. A good pair of eyes can spot synthetic hair from far. If not done properly, they look unnatural. Plus, they can either be very overly shiny or dull which definitely impacts the final look.

Whether you settle for natural or synthetic, it majorly depends on your preferences. Just make sure your hair and scalp will not be collateral damage.

Hair Length

This is pretty much straightforward. You get long, short or medium-sized crochet hairstyles.

Generally, short hairstyles work on most women. If you already do short hair or would like to try it out, there’s an entire range of short crochet braids hairstyles to choose from. What you want to look for is the appropriate level of shortness for your face and head, and the right amount of volume - get that from curly and wavy hair.

This is an option for those who are caught in between wearing short crochet braids and long crochet braids. This length simply gives you the opportunity to do a tryout. Thus, you can experiment with different styles until you find a perfect look for you. With them, you will be able to style your hair in an up-do or let it down.

This might look so tedious to wear and get them in but they look really amazing when professionally done. If you are looking to add length to your hair, this is the style to go for. Long crochet braids can be worn in an up-do or let down, plus styled differently. 

One key thing to note is that since you’ll have multiple braids used, make sure all have the same quality. Avoid mixing different qualities as it will scream out. Plus, different qualities wear out differently. You don’t want that to happen on your head. 


One colour: These look very natural and neat. They can be worn for any event. When you choose one that suits your skin, you don’t have to worry whether it is a good blend or otherwise.

Multi-colour: This is a great way to have that edge in your look. It can be a highlight or simply a few coloured strands mixed in.

Dyed: How else do you communicate that you are loud and fun than wearing this type of crochet braid?

Types Of Crochet Braids

Crochet braids hairstyles are the in thing now. Walk into any hair store in the country, you will certainly find various types of crochet braids. Darling is prominent for its crochet braids. They will be offering you some funky kinky crochet hairstyles or short crochet hairstyles and many more that you can still rock for the remainder of 2021. It’s just a great way to ooze some style.  

Here’s a list of 18 of the latest crochet hairstyles: Some are even the best crochet hairstyle in the country. 

Crochet Bohemian Twist

With a bohemian twist, expect firm curls. They will give your hair some flow whenever you move around. This can be worn either long or short, go with what is going to make you exude that confidence.

Crochet Box Braids

There are a lot of ways you can wear crochet box braids. It can be worn with cuff braids or totally straight or have chords curling down your braids. Alternatively, you can have curls towards the end of your hair strands. Plus, you can wear it in different styles. Any style you can think of. Perhaps that’s why they have become so popular. It makes for an aesthetically pleasing protective hairstyle.

Passion Twist Crochet Braids

Passion twists are very much confused with spring twists. Passion twists are pre-curled but Passion twists are very much confused with spring twists. Passion twists are pre-curled but not twisted while spring has been pre-twisted. How passion twists work is that two strands of extensions, normally wavy, are wound on each other to achieve the desired outcome. They are clearly different from the regular twists. 

Senegalese Twist Crochet Braids

They are far smaller in thickness and size as compared to the jumbo or Havana braids. When done, they look very sleek and polished. You have no excuse if you love regular twists. 

Ombre Crochet Braids

For those who want to go big, and love a style that spots two shades, ombre crochet braids are the deal. As your braids flow down, watch them as they also fade to a different shade. Usually from light to dark. 

Water Weave Crochet Braids

Water weave crochet braids have bigger curls than those of the bohemian which gives them more definition and density.

Jamaican Bounce Crochet Braids

If you love voluminous hair, these are the braids you want to wear. The curls are medium-sized well-defined ringlets that provide some bounce thus the Jamaican bounce. 

Havana Twist Crochet Braids

Havana braids are bigger in diameter than the Senegalese twist. They appear to be heavy but they look amazing, particularly when they are long and give you lots of options when styling. Whether you want to have your hair wallow in its freedom or higher up, Havana works just fine. For a bit of mix, you can put cuff braids or any accessories.

Deep Twist Crochet Braids

If you love just a touch of curls, let’s say loose curls, deep twists crochet braids are meant for you. They have a smooth pattern and are flawlessly stylish.

Crochet Jumbo Box Braids

These are large in size and thickness. Let me buy you a secret. For jumbo box braids, buy the pre-braided extension for easier and less time-consuming installation. Generally, jumbo box braids look stunningly amazing when longer. 

Curly Crochet Braids

These include the Havana, bohemian, water weave, ombre amongst others. Curls will make you look vibrant and add interest to your overall look. These can feature long, tight and mild curls.

Long Crochet Braids

This allows you to style your hair as you please. The length of your natural hair doesn’t matter as you will have extensions used to achieve this look.

Short Crochet Braids

There’s just no other way to put it other than stating the obvious; that short crochet hairstyles are a classic. If you feel like you are out of options, you can safely opt for these. They give you an edge and are very dramatic. Any will give you a perfect look.

Knotless Crochet Braids

Knotless or invisible crochet braids are so-called because they allow your hair to part without showing the knots. Hence their natural effect. 

Straight Crochet Braids

With these, you can easily blow dry or straighten to achieve that polished look.

Vixen Crochet Braids

Due to the way they are sewn in, they cover up the knots that braids typically come with. Also, they can be worn in virtually any style - ponytail, buns, pineapples, on the side and other patterns.

Crochet Micro Braids

Use a beehive design to make the cornrows. This will allow you good cover with synthetic hair. Finish this process first before you start the crochet process.

Marley Crochet Hair

This type looks coarse and is thicker thus making it appear more natural. It uses the knotless style and is largely worn in twist form.

Fluffy Kinky Crochet Hairstyles

Away from the crochet braids, fluffy kinky crochet hairstyles have become very popular. They mimic the black woman natural hair and then add volume to the overall look. Consider these types of fluffy kinky crochet hairstyles.

Twisted Fluffy Kinky

As denoted on the name itself, twists are the most common form with this style. The braids can the thin or thick.

Short Afro Crochet Kinky

This literally gives a natural look. It looks like you haven’t done anything extra with the hair. 

Fluffy Kinky With Cornrows

The cornrows can be braided either at the front or side. The kinky hair will be crocheted at the back of the cornrows giving them a puffy look. The cornrows protect the hairline. 

Temporary Dreadlocs

The easiest way to wear dreadlocks without having to go through the tedious process of naturing them is by getting temporary crochet dreadlocks. These can be won for a long period of time and undone when you have had enough. 

Faux Hawk Up-Do

Faux hawk up-do is here to help you break away from braiding in style Go for faux hawk up-do. It gives a natural look and can be done in different ways. Plus, it’s very common in events. Next time you are at a wedding, just observe. We are sure you’ll spot someone with these.

Twisted extensions with an up-do, straightened fluffy kinky, bob faux locs, tight curls using threads and rollers are other types of fluffy kinky crochet hairstyles.

Have a great hair day!