How to make semovita
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How To Make Semovita Without Lumps

A step by step guide to making the perfect semo

BY YAZA Nigeria Team

Dec 15, 2021, 06:55 PM

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Semovita is a refined swallow that is best eaten with traditional soups like ogbono, egusi, eforiro, ewedu, vegetable soup, okra and a few more since it is part of the main course.

It is made into a paste and accompanied by soup to make the perfect combination. Semovita can easily be confused with semolina as there are a number of people who actually use semovita and semolina interchangeably. 

Without further ado, here is a step by step guide on how to make semo. This is a recipe for two. 

Cooking semovita takes about 15 minutes. 

Semovita Ingredients

All you will need for this recipe is semovita, a wooden spatula that will be used for stirring, a pot, a bowl, a cup and water. 

How To Make Semovita

There are different ways of making semovita. Let's look at one.

Begin by placing a clean pot with 500ml of cold water and leaving it to boil on high heat. Pour a cup of semovita into a bowl. Next, add some cool water into the bowl with semovita. Use the wooden spatula to stir the mixture of water and semovita continuously until we achieve a smooth consistency.
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Check the pot of boiling water. When boiled, reduce the heat intensity to medium. The next step will be to pour the consistent mixture of water and semovita into the boiling water. Stir for 1 to 2 minutes then allow it to cook on low heat for about a minute. We will continuously turn and press the semovita to ensure that the texture is neither too hard nor too soft. When the desired result is reached, turn off the heat. 

At this point, the semovita should be ready and perfect. It can now be served directly on a plate or wrapped in a clingfilm. For easy serving, place the serving spoon in some cold water. The semovita can now be served with a soup of choice, whether ogbono soup, vegetable soup or egusi soup.

What Is Semovita Made From?

Wondering what semovita is made of? It's made from semolina which is made from durum wheat that is coarsely grounded. This fact simply shows the difference between semolina and semovita. Both semovita and semolina are refined from wheat and contain vitamins and proteins. The richest vitamin is Vitamin A.
A 100 grams of semovita give about 360 calories, making it unsuitable for diabetic people as well as those who are regulating their weight or are looking to lose weight. It contains gluten thus it is not recommended for people who are gluten intolerant. 

How Do You Remove Lumps From Semovita?

The secret behind fully removing lumps from semovita is by first mixing the semovita with cool water in a bowl before mixing the semovita with the boiling water on high heat.

But, that's not all;

Ensure that as the mixture of semovita and water from the bowl is being poured into the boiling water, a wooden spatula is used to continuously stir until the texture is neither too soft nor too hard. This is the only way to successfully make semovita that is not lumpy.

Side Effects Of Semovita

Other than being unsuitable for diabetic people, those regulating their weight and gluten intolerant, there are low to no negative side effects of semovita.

On the other hand, there are quite a number of beneficial health benefits of semovita. They include improving blood sugar control, supporting digestive health and immune system support since semovita is rich in iron.

Magnesium in semovita increases the cell's response to insulin, a hormone that regulates blood sugar, which in turn improves blood sugar control. Iron as well can be found in semovita which is essential to the body.

Semovita can easily be found. The price in the market is about 5,600 Naira per 10 kg.

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